Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts

Automotive and industrial manufacturers depend on Rhodeco Rubber for high quality bonded components and subassemblies for their applications. Rhodeco Rubber has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the processes required to produce a diversified range of rubber-to-metal bonded parts. They come in wide variety such as mountings, bushings, seals, bearings, shock absorbers and buffers to name a few. We offer both Rubber Encapsulation and Chemical Bonding as primary methods of bonding rubber to metal. Both of these operations are done in-house to ensure coordinated and rapid completion of every project. Below is a list of substrates we specialize in:

• Rubber to Stainless steel bonding
• Rubber to Brass bonding
• Rubber to Copper bonding
• Rubber to Aluminium bonding
• Rubber to Mild steel / WCB bonding
• Rubber to Carbon steel bonding
• Rubber to Cast Iron bonding

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