Carbon Masterbatch

We specialize in the production of carbon black masterbatch to many companies who produce industrial rubber products. The use of black masterbatch offers many benefits to the manufacturer such as: shorter mixing cycles with higher capacity, reduced energy demand, improved carbon black dispersion and cleaner plant environment. Rhodeco Rubber can help you reduce these costs by manufacturing your required rubber compound masterbatches so you can focus more on your final production.

These rubber compound masterbatches are a blend of rubber polymers and carbon black along with other rubber chemicals and additives. Carbon black is mostly used in the industry as black reinforcing fillers to optimize physical characteristics of a wide range of polymers. Additives such as stabilizers are added to get the proper blend of any rubber compounded masterbatch. We blend the ingredients together using high powered mixers ensuring consistency in weights, right mixing time cycles & temperatures. The end product is a top homogenous quality of continuous rubber sheets or slab forms for use in any desired next stage of your production.

Rhodeco Rubber can produce these rubber compound masterbatches using different blends of carbon black and polymer grades. We make sure that each batch meets your requirements for performance, consistency, reliability and on-time delivery schedule.

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