Rubber Prototyping

Rhodeco Rubber offers standard and rapid prototyping services to help our customers gauge the effectiveness of the design before investing in production molds and tooling. It is an economical way in which low volumes of molded or extruded rubber parts are made to validate their design and ensure proper fit, form and function in the real environment. Knowing how the actual part will react is critical in order to reduce the risk for costly errors and modifications at the production stage.

Our team of experts can build prototypes from your rough sketches or ideas within short lead times depending on part complexity. We have complete in-house custom rubber molding services to ensure accurate die-cast quality finishes for products. Once a prototype part is successfully designed, our complete rubber and silicone production facilities are able to do further design work or adjustments and to mold, assemble and package in any quantity required.

Please contact us if you have any questions about prototypes or how you can utilize Rhodeco Rubber’s expertise.

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