Rubber Laboratory Tests

Rhodeco Rubber boasts of an in-house rubber testing facility to check for a variety of properties, such as heat aging, tensile strength, elongation, modulus, durometer, specific gravity, compression set, fluid resistance, resistance to temperature, moisture, atmospheric ozone, spring rates, and damping. These physical testing capabilities can determine how well a new product will hold up in its actual environmental situation. This is part of our commitment to deliver high quality products to assure our customers will receive parts that meet their specified needs with every shipment.

If you wish to consult with us regarding an existing rubber product (raw or vulcanized rubber), we can help you evaluate its performance by designing a series of tests and analyses. Results from these tests are presented in both in-depth and summarized report so you can have the ability to take corrective action and reduce quality control problems in your product development cycle. You can also use this data to better understand your own product, or your competitor’s product in an effort to make improvements and gain competitive advantage.

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