Rubber Engineering & Design

At Rhodeco Rubber we can assist you in evaluating your product requirements, create cost effective designs and help with material selection suitable to your unique application. We also offer performance contracts for design work only. Whether your goal is to create a customized rubber part from scratch (for fluid or air sealing, noise reduction, impact protection, etc.), optimizing an existing design or just tweaking a design for optimal product performance, we have the engineers and chemists on staff equipped with a great deal of expertise to support your design specifications.

Our technical capabilities allow us to transform your CAD drawings, blueprints, 3-D models, existing mold or part, and supply you with a prototype or the finished product. We can even work around your ideas, concepts, and rough sketches and turn it into workable blueprints on our CAD system. We will work with you every step of the way to build a well-designed custom molded part that is within your budget so you can enhance your development process and gain a competetive edge.

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