Compression Molding

Compression molding is the most fundamental method for molding rubber. It is ideally suited to small quantity production, for example, from around fifty to a few thousand of each product annualy. It is implemented by placing an elastomer preform, of a predetermined weight and shape, into the rubber mold cavity prior to mold closure. The top and bottom plate molds, machined to a custom configuration, are then compressed under heat and pressure for a specific amount of time. Pressure from the press causes the uncured rubber to form into the shape of each cavity, as heat from the hydraulic press vulcanizes (cures) the product.

Our molding press capabilities for our compression line range from 12” x 12” on the low end, up to and including 85” x 108” on the high end, with various press sizes in between.

Advantages of Compression Molding:

• Tooling can be less complex and lower cost to construct
• Molds are generally simple
• Low waste with correct mold design
• Excellent choice for bulky and high durometer parts
• Low to medium production rates
• Economical method for short runs and start-up production

Rhodeco Rubber has been compression molding since it was established. We can take on an existing tooling for your production, or for newly designed parts, we can assist in determining the most cost effective way to manufacture your solution. We have hundreds of compounds available for use, and can create custom elastomeric compounds if needed. We work with each client to select the most appropriate material for the part. Please, feel free to contact us for more information.

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