Compounding & Mixing

Rhodeco Rubber is a leader in custom rubber mixing, dispersions, chemical blends andcompound development. We use all common types of polymers including both natural and synthetic and have an extensive background in working with a broad range of formulations. This enables us to offer our customers a wide range of black and colored compounds tailored to meet the most demanding applications. Our technical staff have years of hands on experience and in depth industry knowledge of both rubber testing and raw material implications to design a compound that fits your technical needs at an optimum cost. We also offer technical advisory support regarding compounds and alternative raw materials for your processing and product development needs.

Once a compound is determined, the next challenge is how to mix it all together. Rhodeco Rubber is proud to be one of the few elastomer manufacturers that mixes and tests its own elastomer batches on premise. This capability ensures superior control, higher quality, lower cost, and greater consistency in every single batch of mixed uncured rubber produced. After raw materials have been compounded and mixed, each batch is subjected to diagnotic testing at our on-site laboratory for approval before releasing into production.

To assist you in compound development and mixing for your production needs contact our specialists at +63(2)985.0167 or email [email protected].

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